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RSNA Case Collection

Congratulations to 2nd Year Radiology Residents Ben Myers, MD and Leslie Nelson, DO for their “RSNA case of the week”; featured on RSNA Case Collection Twitter and the

Writing Papers

Writing papersThe publication of manuscripts describing our research is an important part of being a professor or a trainee at an academic institution. Other members of our

BunkerHill Agreement - Artificial Intelligence (...

Xiaoqin Wang, MD,  Assistant Professor of Radiology and member of Women's Radiology has been steadfast to establish a partnership with BunkerHill - a startup

Biostatistics Consulting for Radiology

Though many of us have a rudimentary understanding of and experience doing statistics no one in Radiology is a card-carrying statistician. Yet the nature of many of our

Mauro Hanaoka, MD, 3rd Year Radiology Resident...

Join us in congratulating Mauro Hanaoka, MD, 3rd year Radiology Resident in receiving the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP), Neuroradiology Imaging

Leslie Nelson, DO, 2nd year Radiology Resident to...

Please join us in congratulating Leslie Nelson, DO, 2nd year Radiology Resident for her acceptance into the “Introduction to Academic Radiology Program”. Dr. Nelson

Drs. Aman Khurana and Fanny Chapelin Receive...

What led you and Dr. Chapelin to this research topic?  When we started at University of Kentucky (UK) last fall, (August 2019), we saw two untapped


The following list contains links to a variety of web sites and tools helpful to anyone developing a research project and needing IRB approval or writing a grant. This list

RSNA - Protect Patient Information in Medical...

New Search Engine Capabilities Can Expose Patient Identifiers Thought to Be Anonymized Search engines can now index patient identifiers in slide presentations that were