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Image of TILT alliance investigators.

TILT: An Alliance with Ambitious Aims and the...

Faculty members in Radiology are involved in several of the Alliance projects organized by the College of Medicine. One of the most ambitious of the Alliance groups is T

Artificial Intelligence in Medicine – Introducing...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enormous potential to improve patient care. AI algorithms make use of large, high quality data sets and powerful computers to analyze medical

RSNA Case Collection May 2021, Katherine Copely,...

Radiologist Residents Katherine Copely, MD; Amanda Gibson, MD; Kavya Sudanagunta, MD, and Abdominal Radiologist Aman Khurana, MD's case study, "Metastatic Kaposi Sarcoma",

Radiology's Adrian Dawkins, MD; 2nd Year...

Dr. Adrian Dawkins, MD, Abdominal Division Chief; Leslie Nelson, DO, PGY2; Aman Khurana, MD, Abdominal Division; Fanny Chapelin, PhD, Biomedical Engineering and Angel Stepp,

Welcome to Ahmed Elbadry Radiology Visiting...

I am Ahmed Elbadry, raised in Cairo-Egypt surrounded by family, friends, and childhood memories. during my early days I used to accompany my parents while they were lecturing

Welcome to Johnson Deshommes, Radiology Visiting...

My name is Johnson Deshommes, I am a physician from Haiti. Haiti is a mountainous country. It is located in the Caribbean next to the Dominican Republic. We used to be a

Radiology Residents Journal Club

Second Year Residents Charles Myers, Leslie Nelson, Katherine Copely, Timothy Waits and Luke Flood have begun a Resident Journal Club Our primary goals for the

Writing a Grant?

Should you wish to write a grant there are many resources available. A good starting point is to consult with the Vice Chair of Research. The university also provides

Recognition of Research at University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky is a major research university. In the most recent fiscal year, FY20, UK received $429.2 million in grants and contracts for research work. Of that