To all who completed taking their Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training we extend a big thank you. 

Congratulations to 2nd Year Radiology Residents Ben Myers, MD and Leslie Nelson, DO for their “RSNA case of the week”; featured on RSNA Case Collection Twitter and the GI section of the RSNA Collection You Tube Channel, click here to learn more.   

Research at the University of Kentucky

Research is a major effort in the University of Kentucky’s College of Medicine. Our Dean DiPaola strongly encourages faculty to write grants to support their research. Read this article to learn more about UK’s research standing and some valuable information on resources available to write and submit a grant.

Writing scholarly papers

Publishing articles in the academic literature is a vital part of being a professor. Publishing our work helps out colleagues know about an advance we have made and helps them avoid making the same mistakes. The Research Committee has put together several resources to make writing papers easier. We encourage you to check them out.

Writing a Grant?   

Find helpful information about resources and requirements to put together a grant in this article.


Aman Khurana, MD, UK Abdominal Radiologist is first featured guest speaker on Stanford’s podcast “Let’s Read Out”. Click the link below to hear Dr. Khurana's feature "Peritoneal Tidbits"

Dr. Khurana has also recently received his 2nd nomination as “distinguished reviewer” for Abdominal Radiology.

Encryption required for all USB drives

Note: log-in may be necessary to access

Starting Dec. 2, 2020 all UK HealthCare workstations running Microsoft Windows will require USB attached storage devices to be encrypted before data can be written to the drive. Please note that this does not affect the ability to read data on the storage device. If you choose not to encrypt the drive, then your workstation will still be able to read, but not write to, the drive. If you choose to encrypt, then your workstation will be able to both read and write to the drive. 


New! Streamlined Non-Indemnification Process for Clinical Research Studies 

We are pleased to announce a new, streamlined process for UK non-indemnification review!                                                

To view the new guidelines and risk assessment form, visit ccts.uky.edu/non-indemnification


Share your recent research news, accomlishments and awards (links and photos (jpeg) suggested) 

Contact: Joyce McCown,  ljmcco2@uky.edu or 859 323-1823