Quality & Safety

The Department of Radiology annually hosts its Quality & Safety Forum. The goal of the Forum is to encourage the development of intradepartmental, multidisciplinary teams that focus on specific quality and safety topics such as patient care, imaging technology, operational systems, and workflow efficiencies.

These teams include:
• A Resident or Fellow
• An Administrator, a Technologist, a Nurse, or Support Staff
• A Faculty Physician or Physicist

All projects follow the Toyota 8-Step Process for Problem Solving.

The steps are:
1. Clarify the Problem
2. Breakdown the Problem
3. Set a Target
4. Analyze the Root Cause
5. Develop Countermeasures
6. See Countermeasures Through
7. Monitor Both Results and Process
8. Standardize Successful Processes

Please browse through our projects from past Forums.