Writing a Grant?

Should you wish to write a grant there are many resources available. A good starting point is to consult with the Vice Chair of Research. The university also provides numerous resources. A group called the Program Development Office (PDO) is a "support unit focused on the pre-award stage of extramural funding searches, assist in preparation of competitive proposals by reviewing and critiquing proposal drafts, providing descriptive materials on UK resources, and writing sections of proposals . . .". The PDO is currently headed by Kathy Grzech

While the PDO can help you find a funding source you can apply to and help you write the grant, you will need to consult with a different group to help put together the parts of an actual grant and get it submitted. This group, called Sponsored Research Administration Service (SRAS) can help you put together a budget and get the necessary approval before submtting the grant. It's very important to work with this group as you put your grant together. Contact them at sras@uky.edu. The Grant Proposal specialist in SRAs currently appointed to help faculty in Radiology is Whittney Sherman.

You can find forms and templates for grants here:

Helpful Information from UK's Sponsored Research Administrative Services

Proposal Initiation Form

The proposal initiation form will assist your College of Medicine Sponsored Pre-Award Research Staff in beginning your electronic Internal Approval Form (eIAF) and your proposal. While only eight data elements, such as title, sponsor name, and deadline, are required for you to submit this form, completion of the optional fields will assst your COM SRAS Grant Proposal Specialist with initiating your eIAF and proposal materials as quickly as possible.