Thank a Resident Day

For "Thank a Resident Day" on February 26, 2021, the College of Medicine spotlighted some of its outstanding residents. 

Our resident and fellows put in time and effort for each and every day. The Gold Humanism Honory Society's "Thank a Resident Day," fell on February 26, 2021, providing an opportunity to showcase some of their great work. 

The Office of Graduate Medical Education continuously receives nominations for "Resident of the Month" for "Thank a Resident Day". The office is spotlighting the exceptional work of some of our nominated residents at the UK College of Medicine.

Dr. Elbelasi was recognized for his unparalleled and persistent focus on resident wellness and education. He also provides great mentorship for junior residents during their first months in radiology.

Q & A with Dr. Elbelasi:

Home town: Mansoura, Egypt

Medical School: Mansoura University Medical School

Why did you go into medicine?  I have been always fascinated by science as a child. That developed into a passion during high school. So, inspired by my parents and driven by my desire to help people, I chose to be a doctor. It has been a truly fulfilling and intellectually stimulating journey so far.

What advice do you have for medical students going into residency? I believe that residency is the most crucial step in our medical career. It's when we develop our clinical judgement and build a strong foundation of knowledge and skills to guide us through our career. My advice to you is to be humble, self-motivated and actively learn as much as you can, not just from your senior residents and attendings, but all the members of the medical staff. You will be surprised how much they have to offer!