Radiology's Adrian Dawkins, MD; 2nd Year Resident Leslie Nelson, DO; Aman Khurana, MD; Fanny Chapelin, PhD; and Angela Stepp's Ultrasound Research Published in Ultrasound Quarterly

Dr. Adrian Dawkins, MD, Abdominal Division Chief; Leslie Nelson, DO, PGY2; Aman Khurana, MD, Abdominal Division; Fanny Chapelin, PhD, Biomedical Engineering and Angel Stepp, Sonographer Lead, research "Interobserver Agreement Between Primary Sonographers and Secondary Overreaders for Screening and Surveillance Liver Ultrasounds Using Ultrasound Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System", was recently published in Ultrasound Quarterly.

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Examples of different US LI-RADS Category (cat) and Visualization (vis) scores used in this article to compare Interobserver Agreement Between Primary Sonographers and Secondary Overreaders.