Radiology Residents Journal Club

Second Year Residents Charles Myers, Leslie Nelson, Katherine Copely, Timothy Waits and Luke Flood have begun a Resident Journal Club 

Our primary goals for the resident lead Journal Club are to create a single repository of high yield educational review articles and prominent scientific papers, enhance resident medical knowledge, refine skills necessary to critically analyze research, and engage in an open scholarly discussion between residents and faculty about current evidence-based radiology practices. We hope that this experience will not only be educational, but also socially engaging and promote interpersonal communication amongst colleagues. Generally, the current R2 class each year will be required to present one article of their choice on 1 of 4 predesignated noon conferences throughout the year. At least one faculty member from each division that the presented articles are related to will be asked to join and provide commentary as well as guide an open discussion. Presenters will be provided with written feedback from residents and faculty after their presentations. The Journal Club committee will be composed of senior residents, next year being the soon to be R3 class as follows: 

As captured in photo:

  • Luke Flood: MSK & NM liaison
  • Ben Myes, Chair & IR liaison
  • Leslie Nelson: Body & Women’s liaison
  • Katherine Copely: Pediatric & Neuro liaison 
  • Timothy Waits: Cardiothoracic & EM liaison (not pictured)

Faculty and residents are encouraged to forward any articles/papers they think should be included in our repository to the respective liason or Ben Myers. We are excited to announce that the inaugural Journal Club will take place during noon conference on Thursday, 6/16/21. Anyone who would like to particpate is invited to join!