Drs. Aman Khurana and Fanny Chapelin receive Early Career Research Award at Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU) 2020

What led you and Dr. Chapelin to this research topic?  When we started at University of Kentucky (UK) last fall, (August 2019), we saw two untapped potentials in the Department of Radiology and we jumped on board. First, UK radiologists were collecting data but were not able to analyze it in time because of slow statistics turn around times and second, the opportunity to involve radiology residents in research collaborations by carefully guiding and mentoring them through the process.    

Your experience of receiving the award - We are thrilled to receive this award early in our careers but we could not have done it without the mentorship of Dr. Adrian Dawkins, Radiology Division Chief, Abdominal Division, who guided the initial data collection and had the original idea behind this research initiative. 

What opportunity do you anticipate it may afford?  This award enables us to present this paper/talk to a highly coveted subgroup of radiologists in the annual meeting of Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU) called the SRU fellows. This group is formed by the core group of radiologists producing cutting-edge research and policy making for ultrasound imaging within North America. This exposure will definitely give us invaluable feedback regarding our research design and future opportunities. 

Will the research topic expand? Yes, we are planning to submit this paper to the official journal of the SRU, "Ultrasound Quarterly". Then we will start collecting more data now that most of the abdominal imaging faculty at UK use US LI-RADS categorization when reporting liver ultrasounds. 

When do you anticipate receiving possible news of acceptance for publication in the Ultrasound Quarterly? Hopefully, very soon!!

Tell us a little about your collaborator Dr. Fanny Chapelin – Dr. Chapelin is one of the new research assistant professors in the College of Engineering's F. Joseph Halcomb III, Department of Biomedical Engineering. She joined the department right after her PhD graduation from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of California San Diego (UCSD), with a degree in advanced T-cell imaging.

Drs. Khurana and Chapelin have worked together for 8 years at both Stanford University and University of California San Diego, (UCSD), and have published 6 peer-reviewed original research articles together. They recently secured a pilot grant from the Center for Clinical & Translational Science, (CCTS) at UK on "MR Imaging of tumor associated macrophage changes with therapy”.

To learn more: https://www.engr.uky.edu/news/2020/09/drs-khurana-and-chapelin-win-early...