How to Obtain Copies of your Radiology Images

Image Records Center               

The Image Records Center can provide a copy of your Radiology images upon request. The images will be in CD format, and include a copy of the corresponding written report. The Image Records Center is located on the 2nd floor of Chandler Hospital, room HX202. To protect patient confidentiality, Radiology images cannot be copied and released without a written consent or signed Authorization for Release of Information by the patient or legal guardian. A valid photo ID is required to pick up the requested CD.  Images requested for personal use will incur a $10 charge. If you will be taking the disc to a physician, please be sure to include the physician's name on the Authorization for Release form and these will be made at no charge.

To request images, please call the Image Records Center at 859-323-5416 or 859-257-6708. Signed authorizations can be faxed to the Image Records Center at 859-257-6769.

For all other requests related to medical records, please contact Health Information Management at 859-323-5117.