Emergency Radiology

The Division of Emergency Radiology is a group of radiologists who specialize in all aspects of emergency imaging.  The division provides a full range of diagnostic examinations including CT, MR, ultrasound, and radiography.  The University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital Emergency Department is a level 1 pediatric and adult trauma center in addition to being the largest direct portal to the hospital for all acute care.  As such, there are endless opportunities to expand clinical expertise as well as engage in academic pursuits with numerous case studies, posters, exhibits, and papers routinely submitted from the emergency radiology division. 

The emergency radiologists at the University of Kentucky are recognized experts in acute care imaging and provide 24/7 coverage support for all diagnostic imaging studies performed through the UK HealthCare emergency services at Chandler Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital.  The division is tightly integrated into the emergency department workflow with the reading room located directly in the new University of Kentucky Chandler Emergency Department. Consultations with nearly every other clinical service occur on a daily basis as they see emergency room patients. 

We offer a 1 year emergency radiology fellowship.

Division Faculty


Francesca Beaman, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology and Orthopaedic Surgery

James Te-An Lee, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology, Program Director, Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program

David Nickels, MD, MBA

Associate Professor of Radiology and Emergency Medicine, Chief, Division of Emergency Radiology

Barbara Pawley, FACR

Associate Professor of Radiology

Thomas Marion Seay, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology

Jeremy Thacker, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Jennifer True, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Charl Van Wyk, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Marianna Zagurovskaya, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology, Medicine and Cardiovascular Medicine