3rd Annual Department of Radiology Quality & Safety Forum

On June 1, 2016, the 3rd Annual Department of Radiology Quality & Safety Forum was held in the Pavilion A Lobby. The Forum featured seven Quality Improvement poster projects from the Department of Radiology working in conjunction with UKHC Office for Value and Innovation in Healthcare Delivery (OVIHD).

Thanks to the Chief Medical Office and Dr. Phillip Chang who provided snacks and refreshments for attendees.


Each poster was judged by a secret panel of judges selected by Dr Chang. While all the projects and teams were winners, only one could be selected.

Dr. W. Lane Stafford's (R1) poster "Optimizing Liver CT Examinations with Tiered Weight-Based Contrast Protocol" was selected as the winning project. As part of the distinction, Dr. Stafford will present his poster at UKHC's Quarterly Report on Quality on June 8th.

Dr. Stafford’s team was comprised of Candice Adams, MHA, RT(R)(CT), Technologist Champion; James T. Lee, MD, Physician Champion; and Barbara Latham, RN, MSN, Project Leader.